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Keep Your Kids Reading This Summer

Reading. It’s one of the simplest—and cheapest—forms of entertainment for you and your child. And with summer here to stay for a while, it’s also a great way to stay cool—curled up on the couch with a good book. Reading is also a great way to keep your kids tuned into learning during their long vacation. Here are some tips to keep your child’s reading skills on track while she is out of school:

  • Set a timer and have your child read at least 30 minutes a day, in addition to any bedtime reading. If your child isn’t quite reading independently, have her look at the pictures and just peruse the books. Better yet, read to her.
  • If she’s a reluctant reader, visit your local library. Most offer summer reading programs with incentives for minutes or books read.
  • Find appropriate books. Your child needs books at her reading level so she can be successful. Scholastic offers great information on summer books, divided by grade level, along with some tips to determine if the book is age-appropriate. Family Education also has book lists by age group and genre.
  • Talk about books. Let your child see that you are a reader too, and talk about some of your favorite books. Ask her questions about what she is reading and encourage discussion.
  • Relax and have fun! Just like you, kids need a break sometimes. Encourage reading, but don’t make it a chore. If 30 minutes a day is an expectation, stick with it, but allow your child time to rest, play, or just goof around!