SJSHS Plan for Success

SJSHS students are bound for greatness, and our guidance counselors want to help them arrive there well-prepared. Whether students are planning to enter the workforce after high school or go on to college, we are here to help them make that transition smoothly and successfully.

Our Guidance and Counseling Department helps students with registration, orientation, choosing courses of study, and graduation. We are also dedicated to helping students with summer programs, financial aid, and assessment testing.

High School Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from Superior High School and participate in graduation ceremonies, a student must pass all required sections of AIMS and earn 22 credits. Students earn credits when they successfully complete a course meeting five times a week for one school year (36 weeks) or equivalent. The terms “credit” and “unit” are used interchangeably. The smallest amount of credit assigned for a course is .25 (1/4) of a credit.

The following credits are required for high school graduation:

# Credits Subject
4 English
4 Math
3 Science
1 U.S. History
1 Career Explorations
1 World History/World Geography
.5 Economics
.5 Health
.5 General P.E.
.5 U.S. Government
5 Electives


Through the Cobre Valley Institute of Technology (CVIT), Superior High School students have the opportunity to earn college credits/college degrees while they work toward high school graduation. Please visit our CVIT page, and speak to a guidance counselor for more information.