Tax Credit

Arizona law provides a credit for contributions to public schools to support extracurricular activities. You can help Superior students and possibly lower your tax bill at the same time!

All qualifying individual Arizona state taxpayers may use the tax credit. The credit may not exceed $200 for single taxpayers or heads of households. For married taxpayers who file a joint return, the credit amount cannot exceed $400.

Supporting JFK Elementary and SJSHS Is Easy!

Making a contribution to receive your Arizona Public Education Tax Credit is simple.

  • Download the SUSD Extracurricular Tax Credit brochure.
  • Print the brochure and fill it out, being sure to indicate JFK Elementary School or Superior Junior/Senior High School as the school you would like to support.
  • Enter the activity category you want to fund.
  • Fill in your name and address.
  • Drop off the form and your check (payable to Superior Schools) to the district office and pick up your receipt. If you prefer, you can mail the check to the district office at 1500 Panther Drive, Suite 101, Superior, AZ 85173, and we will mail a receipt to you.

For contributions made after December 31 but on or before April 15, the taxpayer has the option to claim the tax credit in either the previous tax year or in the year they made the contribution. However, public schools will continue to report the total amount received and spent from January 1 to December 31. The school must issue a tax credit receipt with the date the contribution was made or fees paid without asking the taxpayer what tax year they intend to claim the tax credit.