Our Community

Located in southeastern Arizona, Superior is nestled in the foothills of Apache Leap Mountain and is surrounded by the Tonto National Forest. In this small town of about 3,000, we enjoy beautiful desert landscapes and easy access to several larger towns and cities just a short distance away. There is a lot to do and explore in and around Superior!

Our Rich History

The Superior USD is proud to be a part of our town’s rich history. Originally inhabited by several American Indian tribes, the first white settlers made the area home in 1870. Prospectors quickly discovered that the area was a boon for copper and silver, with the Silver King Mine becoming the richest silver mine in Arizona history. Infamous characters were known to have visited Superior in the past, including Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday. Today, Superior is not only popular for its natural beauty but also for its Hollywood film appearances in movies like How the West Was Won, The Prophecy, U-Turn, and The Fugitive.

Local Attractions

Enjoy some quality family time as you visit some of these great attractions near our great town.

Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park: Visitors will enjoy an appreciation of the desert plant life through the park’s trails, collections, and educational materials.

Besh-Ba-Gowah Archaeological Park: Learn more about the desert southwest as you explore a 700-year-old Salado culture pueblo, including typical furnishings of the time. This park is located a short distance away in Globe.

Tonto National Monument: Less than an hour’s drive away, visitors can visit cliff dwellings from as far back as the 13th century and learn more about the prehistoric peoples of the Tonto Basin.